Dear Dairy:

As I made clear in my speech last week, I am determined to "sprint to the finish" with regard to what remains of my term. People took this to mean I intend to get a lot done with the time I have left, but what I really meant was, like everyone else, I want it to be over as soon as possible. We're all sprinting!

If states can move up their primaries, why can’t we move up the elections? This time around we’ll even hack the machines the other way so it’s a democrat who gets stuck having to deal with all this stuff and taking the blame for where we’re headed.

Unless they nominate Hillary. I don’t even think Diebold could rig her a victory.

If I really wanted to get more stuff done, why, I’d just run for another term. Anyone who thinks I’m not in the race for ’08 because I let the Constitution be the boss of me might want to take a little bit closer look at my record so far.

I’m still thinking about that night manager job at a nice waffle house once I’m out of office. I asked Uncle Dick if people think I’d be good at that job, and he said according to a recent poll, 25% of people think I’d make an adequate waffle house night manager somewhere.

And the other 75% wish to Christ I was a waffle house night manager somewhere.