Dear Dairy:

That shaky kid from the Back to the Future movies is mad at me because I vetoed the Stem Cell Research Bill, but I feel it was the right thing to do. I don’t have anything against stems, but I think that medical research should be done for humans, particularly in the field of Anatomy. Did you know there are parts of the human body as yet undiscovered? For instance, people can’t say for sure where the soul is; even The Bible, otherwise pretty solid scientifically, is vague on the question.

We need to find out exactly where it resides. Next time a mother of a fallen soldier sneaks through the screening process of one of my Townhall meetings and tearfully asks me where my soul is, I need to be able to tell her.

Uncle Dick said it was in the tip of my middle finger, and I should have shown it to her.

Do I have two souls?