Dear Dairy:

Evidently Dad (code name: 41) has been pretty depressed, which might explain why he’s had a tendency to be overcome with emotion pretty easily for the last little while now. Whether it’s crying at Jeb’s tribute dinner, or at the Billy Graham Museum opening, or ordering the Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s, Dad has been tearing up at just about any opportunity lately.

Evidently, he’s been very brought down by negative comments about me. People come up to him and say they like him a lot but don’t like me, or don’t like my policies, or don’t like the direction I’m taking America in, or feel like my Presidency has been like a ‘Bring Your Halfwit Son to Work-Day’ that has lasted seven years.

He says like any parent, he's proud of his Little Leaguer, but really, really, really looks forward to the game being over.