Dear Dairy:

Karl was on Face the Nation yesterday, followed by John McCain. It saddens me that people are so gleeful about Turd Blossom leaving that even an extraordinarily servile water-carrier like McCain had little good to say about him—and after Karl went to all that trouble finding out how voters in the 2000 South Carolina Republican primary might feel about him having an illegitimate Black baby! I notice, however, that he took the results to heart and has made a point of not fathering one. But do we get any credit?

It saddens me that the polarized atmosphere in Washington has become so poisonous. I have tried so hard to build bipartisan consensus, by insisting that everything be done exactly as I wish, and coloring anyone who disagrees with me as weak, naïve, or a supporter of terrorism. Still, somehow, bitterness remains.

Consensus building is hard work!