Dear Dairy:

How are you? I am fine. I see Hillary Clinton was the last of the democrat candidates to roll out her health plan, which was unveiled yesterday. It is essentially no different than the plans already offered by Edwards and Obama, except in one key respect: it is being offered by a candidate who could not successfully sell heroin to junkies. In fact, the similarity of her plan to plans that have been considered reasonable up to now is the best chance opponents have of sinking all of them, simply by associating them with her.

One thing Hillary supporters have somehow avoided grasping is the simple fact that she is unelectable to the office of President. There is a part of the country that democrats seem to forget every four years. It is called "the South." It’s not the fact that she’s a woman. She has more balls than the last two democrat nominees. It’s the fact that she is an amalgam of all the repellent elements of democrat candidates going back to Dukakis, and that she has all the charisma of a boil. She could win the NASCAR Nextel Cup, cure rickets, have Jesus as her VP and run unopposed, and still not take a single Southern state. I don’t know what electoral map her supporters are working off of, but around here that means the next-least incompetent of my Daddy’s sons could ride to easy victory against her.

And her supporters giggle about ME being dumb!