Dear Dairy:

I had to really let the Democrats have it today over the State Children's Health Insurance Program. I accused them of "putting poor children at risk so they can score political points in Washington" over their attempts to actually fund the program. If they really cared about those kids, they would do everything in their power to deny adequate funding, the way I love those poor kids enough to do by vetoing anything beyond the nominal increase I’ve suggested.

So the question is, do democrats care enough about poor, sick kids to cut off funding for their medicine and treatment? Do they love them enough to dump them out of wheelchairs and into the gutter? I doubt it. Do I! You bet. I love poor sick kids like nobody’s Goddamn business.

I love poor kids enough to adhere strictly to policies that increase their numbers. A President that hated children simply because they live in poverty would just try anything to eliminate them; to slash their defenseless numbers. It’s because of my Christian support of such children that I have found it in my heart to encourage their numbers. So that they can, if not thrive, certainly grow at a pace that might anger those who don’t look on these good Americans as benignly as I do.

I advise Democrats to not put the compassion of my conservatism to the test.