Dear Diary:

I see Rudy’s still having a tough time living down this $9.11 donation program at one of his fundraisers. Why not just have all the donations soaked in blood, Rudster? Anyway, maybe this will show him the folly of leaning too heavily on the events of 9/11 for political advantage. I mean, people see right through cheap attempts to trade points off of national tragedy, don’t they? If you’re going to bring it up at all, it should only be with the highest reverence and respect as you go after political opponents for being naïve or unpatriotic.

To be honest, I’m getting pretty ticked off at the way Rudy Giuliani constantly refers to the ‘leadership’ he showed on 9/11, as if he was the only figure of strength for Americans to look to on that dark day. I was President, fella!

Hiding under one’s desk weeping and struggling unsuccessfully to control one’s bowels doesn’t make one any less of a leader.

A different kind of leader,