Dear Dairy:

How are you? I am fine. Looks like Congress is gamely going to force my veto pen into action over this State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It’s sad to me that members of the House have decided to hold these children hostage by putting a gun in my hand and forcing me to hold it to the children’s heads. I’d like to hear how they explain that to Jesus!

Critics are saying my proposed funding is so inadequate that it would actually kick current enrollees out of the program. They say that like it’s a bad thing! Can you imagine the smiles on these kids’ faces when they learn that they are no longer considered poor? What a source of pride that will be! What healthy or not so healthy or even very sick American child wouldn’t give up medical care for that morale boost? Imagine what such a vote of confidence would do for the parents of such children, re-invigorating them to confidently go out and get that third job they have been up to now too demoralized by the labels we’ve affixed to them to pursue?

The know-it-alls are also pretty quick to point out this is one of the only examples in recent memory of me being unwilling to simply put spending on the Government Credit Card without a second’s thought. Hey, we need to provide vital funding to enable the poor kids in Iraq to have access to health care. Why are American kids so much more important to the United States Congress than Iraqi children?

Standing alone, away from the Isolationists,