Dear Dairy:

Another day, another poll. This one said that among Republican voters, 48% of my own constituency wants the GOP Presidential candidate to take a "different approach," and only 38% want the candidate to take an approach similar to mine. Evidently the other 30% of loyal Republicans just flat-out didn’t understand the question.

My critics will probably point to this and say it means I have fallen out of favor with my own party’s loyalists. Instead, I just think it means they are realistic, and understand each candidate has to have their own style, to allow them to make their own monumental mistakes in their own way; not just aping me and mine. I think any President that follows me will have an incredibly difficult act to follow. My policies and their long-term effects will see to that.

I’m starting to really like the brylcreem-y integrity of Mitt Romney, a guy who’s willing to get the job done and depending on who’s asking will answer questions any number of different ways to do it. I told Uncle Dick that Mitt Romney was a fella I thought I could relate to. He said the big difference between me and Mitt is I was a normal guy who had to pretend to be a religious fanatic to get the nomination and he’s a religious fanatic who has to pretend he’s a normal guy.

We have being opposites in common!