Dear Dairy:

Everywhere I look, the liberal media is buzzing over the story of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work raising awareness of global warming, assuming that the story is factual. It just isn’t. There are lots of independent studies on the Nobel Award committee processes that are poised to prove his victory is a myth, just like his documentary was.

There is certainly no hard evidence that proves Man or the Nobel Committee or Al Gore’s campaign had any effect on the fact that his selection was announced, and we have every reason to believe that other factors were really at work here. It could well be that the medal itself was, due to reasons the ideologues don’t understand, compelled to award itself to Gore due to naturally occurring circumstances totally outside of Man’s control.

The idea that he "won" is pure pseudoscience, and I have little doubt that compelling evidence to support this conclusion will be provided by panels funded by the usual corporate interests that have refuted Gore and his thesis time and time again. Good luck hearing about it in the ‘Liberal Media,’ though!

Regardless of the causality, I am saddened at the cheapening of the Nobel Peace Prize won by Henry Kissinger for his extension of the Vietnam War by years at the cost of tens of thousands of American lives, and his bombing campaign in Cambodia. That's back when the Nobel Peace Prize really meant something!