Dear Dairy:

Most of the furor over the four leading Republicans skipping the Soul Train debates last week has died down, thankfully, and the candidates can get back to the hard work of appealing to Americans who are disinclined to vote for the GOP: registered Republican voters.

I’m struck by Fred Thompson’s candor. He is a man who is unafraid to say ‘I don’t know’ softly and repeatedly. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be his campaign slogan. This is the real ‘Straight Talk Express,’ a man who isn’t afraid to proclaim his utter ignorance of the issues facing Americans today or what he intends to do about them.

I was invited to speak at a University in Tehran, don’t think I’ll go, since merely driving by the Iranian Embassy renders me incontinent, but I appreciate the invitation. It’s basically a scheduling conflict; without disclosing too much, by the time of my first opportunity to be at the University, it will already be rubble.

Let’s keep that between you & me!