Dear Dairy:

FBI Director Robert Mueller (code name: Ferris) testified in front of Congress yesterday and his version of events stood in direct contrast to that of Attorney General Gonzales. Up to now, I have ascribed such discrepancies to simple mis-remembering by folks whose attention to detail was lacking. But when Robert Mueller’s account differs substantially from that of Speedy, and I reflect that he is a trained intelligence officer, one of the highest-ranking in the land, with a distinguished career of committed public service, what he is saying becomes crystal clear: he is eager to explore opportunities in the private sector.

The truth is not something to be dictated by the whim of facts or actual events. The truth is how we contextualize the righteousness of our actions, and sometimes must be shaped to that end. That an outstanding intelligence officer whose life has been dedicated to getting at truth has in this instance failed to understand its essential function is a sure sign that sadly, he has been on the job too long.

Sadly, some cling to pre-9/11 notions of truth,