Dear Dairy:

Saturday I underwent a colonoscopy to remove some polyps and a drug called Propofol was used to put me into a dream state while the procedure was conducted. The advantage of the drug is that general anesthesia can leave a patient groggy for several hours, while a drug like Propofol allows me to regain my prodigious mental alacrity much sooner.

While in this mildly drugged state, I had the most curious vision. I was approaching a white light of otherworldly brilliance, when suddenly in the center of it, this hippy fella with the kindest, most loving eyes I have ever seen appeared. He said ‘George, you have strayed from the righteous path at every inconvenience it presented. You risk losing sight of it forever, and in doing so putting the world of Man in grave peril. In your pride, you will lead yourself and all who follow you into an abyss that knows no redemption.’

Then the procedure was over and I was on my way, but the strange dream stayed with me. In fact, I have prayed to Jesus many times since to help me make some sense of the words that the hippy fella said, if they meant anything at all.

Searching for meaning,