Dear Diary:

It sure came as a surprise to hear Senator John Warner come out advocating withdrawal from Iraq. As a war veteran, former Secretary of the Navy, and former Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he is probably one of the last guys I would have expected, frankly, to be a terrorist-lover.

He says that too many of our fighting men and women are being blown into too many pieces on the streets of Iraq while the Iraqi Parliament sits with its feet up, quibbling and making no progress. Look, I agree, there is much important work to be done, most pressingly on the passage of the Hydrocarbon Bill—at this rate, the unprincipled democrats in Congress will overcome my Administration’s compassionate resistance to health care for children in poverty before Oil Companies get their fair share (80%) of Iraq’s oil reserves!--but it’s not fair to characterize the Iraqi Parliament that way.

Actually, they’re on recess, so that’s a month-long rest from having their feet up while our soldier’s bodyparts collect on the streets outside Parliament.

How do we get the insurgents to take a recess?